Sunday, December 16, 2007

Good Tidings! Great Joy!

Trader Joes is coming to town! The rumors have been swirling for months and it appears that our hopes will, indeed, be realized. I don't know if I can make clear the depths of my affection and enthusiasm for the store, which have only increased with my absence from our former neighborhood. How I have pined for it! I like to think that perhaps it has missed me too. In honor of this happy occasion, I would like to compile a list of the first ten things that I will place in my basket on opening day.
1. Multigrain pancake mix! An all-time favorite!
2. Cheese! (perhaps an aged white cheddar or a bit of gruyere to start)
3. Nuts nuts nuts! Roasted, unsalted almonds
4. Whole grain pasta
5. Dal
6. Yellow curry
7. Two buck Chuck (say what you will, but it's two bucks!)
8. Pizza dough
9. Force Primeval Energy Bars
10. something dark and chocolatey
You can imagine my delight when a package arrived on my front step this week,sent by a friend and containing this:
Many thanks, D!

Thursday, December 06, 2007